Openers & Motors

Openers Motors

We have a wide range of opening systems and quality motors to ensure your security and guarantee you peace of mind

Panelift Motors

Designed to give you a smooth, quiet and reliable motor to your Panelift Door, complete with a great warranty.
CAD-S comes with 1000N of power, a soft start and stop to reduce door stress and noise, ultra-quiet belt drive system and an automatic courtesy light. It also comes with the option of controlling your door via your smart phone. It gives you peace of mind when you’re wondering if you’ve closed that garage door when you left home, as you’re garage door can be open and closed via the secure app from anywhere in the world! Also available is pet-mode, when you have those rainy days and would like to let your pet into the garage, simply hit the button to open your garage to the height you have set.
B&D CAD-S Panelift Motor comes complete with a 7 year warranty

Roller Door Motors

Positioned on the side of your rollerdoor, to give you eases of use in a single quiet operation, leaving you at peace of mind that your garage is secure.
B&D’s CAD-PD Rollerdoor motor coupled with it’s quiet yet powerful 800N Motor sets the new bench mark on reliability for garage door motors. Long lasting LED automatic courtesy lights, and with soft start and stop to reduce door stress and noise. This motor comes complete with 2 Premium Remote Controls and a Wall Mount Remote Control. This motor is B&D’s most popular Rolling Door opener and features the power to effortlessly operate the majority of residential rolling doors up to 16.5m2.
B&D CAD-PD complete with 7 year warranty, 2 remotes and 1 wall mount remote. LED courtesy light.

Industrial Motors

Industrial motors that are feature rich to suit the application required, with a world leading transmitter system, you can be secure that your Industrial garage door has the best solution.

Garage Doors and More use products that are to stand the test of time, and the Industrial Motors we use are no less than this benchmark. Whether the motor is required for an industrial Rollerdoor, Panelift or a shutter, we have a motor and the accessories to have the door operating the way it is designed to. Industrial motors today are designed to be able to hold different functions, such as timers, PE Beams, Loop Detector for auto entry or exit, to name a few.

Access Pro 1100 is designed for industrial panelifts. It has built its reputation around its sheer reliability, this opener often outlasts the door it drives. These units only require 240V power, but with is custom designed inverter, pushes out 3 phase power to give it the power, reliability and speed control it requires. This motor comes standard with a 2 year warranty, logic control with LCD screen to give the motor the functionality it deserves to be customised specifically to the sites needs.

The GDO-10 Toro Industrial Rollerdoor Motor is suitable for doors up to 28m2 and comes with a built in battery backup, wall mounted control panel with LCD screen. Super quiet operation, it also features many functionalities to ensure that it suits the application it has been designed for. Storage for up to 511 transmitters with customisable names and a 24 hour clock that can integrate auto-close and pedestrian settings. Accessories available that include PE Beams, magnetic/pulse locks and also loop detectors.

Gate Openers

Automatic gate openers provide convenient access to your home and add a layer of protection to your property.

Automatic gates are a great way to provide secure yet convenient access into your home. Our range of openers are suitable for both sliding and swinging gate and feature tough, weather resistant covers. Soft start and stop technology as well as the auto close function ensure that your automatic gate opener operates efficiently and reliably.

Both the sliding and swing gate motors are available as 240v or solar powered, and come complete with a 2 year warranty. The DCB-05 pairs well with the ATA Elite Sliding gate motor to give it functionality such as intercoms, delay times, auto close, loop detectors, pedestrian mode and an intelligent safety system, all to ensure your system runs perfectly.

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